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Our Approach

Have you experienced meetings where nothing productive seems to take place?  Here’s what some well-known personalities have to say about these failures:

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.
Stephen R. Covey, Leadership Authority & Author

Any time people come together in a meeting, we’re not necessarily getting the best ideas; we’re just getting the ideas of the best talkers.
Susan Cain, Writer/Lecturer

Meetings are a great trap. Soon you find yourself trying to get agreement and then the people who disagree come to think they have a right to be persuaded. However, they are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything.
John Kenneth Galbraith, Economist

A professional facilitator is much more than simply a meeting moderator. He or she is an expert, with training, insight and experience in the dynamics that underpin all types of group encounters.

At C2C, we make stakeholder meetings more effective through a combination of facilitation tools and techniques for dialogue, to achieve the right balance between participation and results.

[Participants] + [Objectives] + [Tools & Techniques] = Successful Outcomes


We recognize that participants are diverse in many ways beyond simple experience and knowledge. For example, how often does your meeting plan consider the cultural component, and that some participants may or may not speak-up in a group setting depending on their cultural background? Or that some personality types are more outgoing than others?

C2C’s approach requires us to sit down with you and assess the makeup of your group, then prepare and deliver highly productive sessions that engage all types of participants.


We believe that a meeting can only be successful when we state the objectives and define the outcomes – before it starts!

For example, knowing that the intent of a group interaction is to permit ‘deep discovery’ in order to develop ‘common understanding’ on a specific matter, we will present an open, safe and inclusive environment that encourages sharing of participant experience and knowledge.

Alternatively, if the intent is to work towards the development of an ‘action plan’ the session will brainstorm a critical path, generate task lists and iron-out roles and responsibilities.

And let’s not forget… The level of detail to be addressed in the meeting will always be directly impacted by the amount of time available.

C2C works with you to ensure that session elements are prudently structured to achieve your objectives within the available time.

Tools and Techniques

C2C facilitators have a professional toolbox acquired from both experience and ongoing training. We draw on a variety of discussion techniques and collaborative tools to deliver on stated objectives and desired outcomes.

We apply methods such as brainstorming, and engage participants in affinity exercises to identify common themes. We create appropriate environments that leverage the value of storytelling. We combine these with energizing 3-dimension modeling exercises such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

With C2C’s participation, your meeting will encourage participants to work together – or sub-divide into smaller groups to delve deeper – or communicate symbolically using more than just words.

Whatever works!

Please see our case studies for some examples.