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C2C Strategies is a management consulting firm that specializes in advising, developing and supporting your organization’s strategic initiatives and plans.

Our Approach

  • At C2C, we make stakeholder meetings more effective through a combination of facilitation tools and techniques for dialogue, to achieve the right balance between participation and results.

Planning Services

  • We supplement the essential skills and experience that aren’t available within your organization.
  • We help review, validate, monitor, and draft business, communication and other strategic plans
  • Outcomes: Clarify the big picture, prepare a strategy and draft the plan

Facilitation Services

  • As an independent facilitator, we help incorporate stakeholder involvement in the business process
  • We draw on a variety of techniques and construct safe spaces for dialogue
  • Outcomes: Outline issues, examine viewpoints and advance objectives

Research Services

  • We save you time and resources while providing key supporting information
  • Our expertise includes stakeholder analysis, issue identification and best practices reporting
  • Outcomes: Draft position papers, provide quantified data, inform action and decision making