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Research Case Study: Task Force Engagement Process Review

The Challenge

Direct engagement and discussion of issues outside of formal hearings is a key component of the regulatory engagement process for TransCanada. A productive Task Force, built on respectful relationships, can provide significant value to Canada’s primary, natural gas pipeline company.

TransCanada engaged C2C Strategies to help press the reset button on the stakeholder consultation mechanism for a key Task Force.

This transpired after years of challenging negotiations and lengthy regulatory proceedings that had strained relations with a number of stakeholders.

The goal was to design and implement a one-day meeting to rebuild relations with Task Force members and to undertake a collaborative refresh of the engagement process.

The Ground Work

To achieve a well-designed facilitated session that would renew relationships with members and enable a sustainable consultative process going forward, C2C undertook a thorough analysis of members’ recent experience.

This involved:

  1. Documenting and assessing the current consultation process
  2. Gathering internal and external stakeholder’s critical feedback
  3. Preparing a ‘current status’ report and summary presentation

A series of one-on-one telephone interviews was conducted to delve deeply into stakeholder issues. To balance that, a broader web-based survey was conducted to provide quantitative data around members’ experience and to identify common areas of concern.

From there, a list of potential refinements to the advisory process for further examination by members, was identified.

The Facilitation

Twenty-five members of the Task Force were brought together under the leadership of Emay Cowx, IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator.

The ‘current status’ presentation provided a common frame of reference for stakeholders to explore and outline, through discussion and interaction, an advisory process that would encourage members’ participation, while delivering meaningful results to TransCanada.

Project Outcomes

By taking an inclusive approach to re-engineering the stakeholder process, a consensus was created around principles to guide the Task Force’s work going forward.

Consequent to the session a sub-committee was formed to develop an operating charter for the Task Force.

The Charter was finalized and posted to the TransCanada website within four months of the session. http://www.transcanada.com/customerexpress/907.html