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Facilitation Case Study: National Forum for District Energy

Over 120 participants from across Canada participated in two forums to share their experiences in the development of district energy projects. The purpose of the forums was to show how DE can achieve sustainable community energy objectives.

The two forums, one in Markham Ontario, and the other Calgary Alberta, were funded by the Government of Canada’s ecoACTION initiatives.

C2C assisted in the design of the forums, provided moderation services for the conference portion and facilitation services for the small group breakout sessions.

The small group sessions allowed forum participants to participate in 3 discussions, each focused on a particular challenge facing the sector.

Based on World Café methodology of dialogue, participants were able to take what they heard from the morning presentations, relate them to their own experience with district energy, and share their challenges and successes.

This dialogue helped project sponsors Natural Resources Canada CanmetENERGY and Canadian District Energy Association better understand how to advance District Energy – a vital tool for building sustainable communities in Canada.