Innovative facilitation at C2C

November 16, 2015

It seems that today’s buzzword in business is “innovation”. Knowing what to do about it leads to a whole lot of questions: What is it? What’s driving us to want to do it? How do we do it? How is it sustained? Unravelling the innovation “it” for clients is an exciting challenge! That’s why innovation […]

Social capital in the development of consultation strategies

May 22, 2014

Principal of C2C, Emay Cowx, recently spoke about how consideration of social capital can help develop better strategies for engagement and consultation in support of future infrastructure developments.  These comments were delivered to a national audience of public utility regulators (CAMPUT) as a panelist discussing “Consultation & Engagement: A Potential Game-Changer?” at their annual conference […]

Navigating energy planning consultations in Ontario

July 25, 2013

Like the doors opening at a summer sale, Ontario’s electricity stakeholders are faced with a large selection of energy planning topics that the Government and its agencies would like your views on.  Just like those mid-season sales the window of opportunity is short so you need to choose the areas to focus your energies on […]

Overcoming public opposition to new electricity infrastructure projects

May 14, 2013

C2C Principal Emay Cowx recently spoke at the First Annual Energy Leaders Roundtable hosted by the Council for Clean and Reliable Electricity on the challenge of earning social acceptance of infrastructure projects. Emay’s presentation was based on her recently published essay “Overcoming Public Opposition to New Electricity Infrastructure Projects” …

Developing stakeholder engagement tools for the sustainable energy sector

June 12, 2012

We often hear in the media of the conflict triggered by the siting of large energy infrastructure projects in local communities. The same “social friction” has the potential to occur with smaller projects…