"Strategic Plans and Initiatives that Work"

C2C Strategies is a management consulting firm that supports organizations in the research, preparation and delivery of strategic plans and initiatives.

We do this by engaging with stakeholders that are critical to the plan - providing an objective and clarifying perspective - that enables your organization to achieve its true potential.

  • Planning

    C2C Strategies assists trade associations, government agencies, charitable organizations, and NFPs through the planning process. Plans that get people involved – that work to defined outcomes – that reflect your vision.


  • Facilitation

    As an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator, we draw on a variety of techniques for each engagement. We design opportunities to both listen to – and engage stakeholders – in a transparent and cooperative setting.


  • Research

    Effective stakeholder strategies are always underpinned by good research. C2C utilizes proprietary modelling software to consolidate in-depth stakeholder feedback into concise, informative and actionable data.


  • Clients Choose Us!

    Updating the Stakeholder Consultation Process for a Provincial Regulatory Body
    A critical assessment of the current process with proposed recommendations and an implementation plan.

    Achieving Consensus within a Volunteer Not-for-Profit Board of Directors
    A one-day strategic planning retreat to explore, evaluate, and find common agreement on the path forward.

    Rebuilding Task Force Member Relations through a One-day Facilitated Workshop
    By taking an inclusive approach to re-engineering the stakeholder process, a consensus was created to guide the Task Force’s work going forward.

    Renewing a 5-Year Strategic Plan for a Member-based Association
    C2C was contracted to develop and facilitate a planning session that would allow the Board of Directors and key Staff to provide input for a new strategic plan.

  • C2C Blog

    • November 16, 2015

      It seems that today’s buzzword in business is “innovation”. Knowing what to do about it leads to a whole lot of questions: What is it? What’s driving us to want to do it? How do we do it? How is it sustained? Unravelling the innovation “it” for clients is an exciting challenge! That’s why innovation […]


    • May 22, 2014

      Principal of C2C, Emay Cowx, recently spoke about how consideration of social capital can help develop better strategies for engagement and consultation in support of future infrastructure developments.  These comments were delivered to a national audience of public utility regulators (CAMPUT) as a panelist discussing “Consultation & Engagement: A Potential Game-Changer?” at their annual conference […]